Code Red ® Sjúkrabörur

For gentle patient manoeuvering without rolling or lifting.
X-Ray compatible (Not MRI).
Recessed head section.
Fully adjustable length.
Five length options.
Easy to clean.
Twin safety locks.
Splits in two sections.

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The Two-Piece Rescue Stretcher incorporates an ingenious design to protect the spine from further damage during rescue. The lightweight stretcher is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre in even the most confined space and its ability to ‘scoop’ the patient rather than lift them, can seriously help to reduce risk of permanent spinal injury.

Additional refinements make the Rescue Stretcher resistant to extreme temperatures. Its high-density thermally bonded polypropylene finish resists corrosion and is impervious to damage from bodily fluids. Maintenance-free and easily cleaned surfaces, together with the lightweight two-piece design, make this piece of kit invaluable for use by Emergency Services or as a vital tool in any working environment where there is a risk or history of back injuries.