GKPRO Stamina Sports T-Shirt

6.990 kr.

The new T-shirt specially designed for your sports activities: Ultra-lightweight in comfortable and breathable stretch fabric

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The new Undercover sports range makes sport and comfort compatible!

The new Stamina sports T-shirt is ultra-light and its composition in Stretch material guarantees you absolute and essential freedom of movement in the context of physical activity! The material used is also breathable, which allows you to stay dry during exercise!

Suitable for all sports, we have added breathable fabric inserts under the arms to this T-shirt for optimal comfort and good sweat management!

The modern design of this STAMINA T-shirt and its comfort make it an essential part of your sports outfits!

  • Ultralight
  • Breathable stretch material
  • Modern design
  • soft touch
  • Breathable fabric insert under the arms
  • Nylon, Polyester and Elastane 170g/m²