HAIX Ranger GSG9-X

49.990 kr.

Sporty boot for tough assignments

GORE-TEX® membrane allows the feet to “breathe”
Slip-resistant sole
Perfect support
Practical quick closure

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The Ranger GSG9-X forms part of the HAIX Police Collection. It is ideally suited to use by police officers and soldiers and will never let you down, not even during long and strenuous deployments. As well as providing reliable insulation against the heat and cold, the Ranger GSG9-X is also both highly breathable and watertight.

A PU foam inlay cushions your steps as you walk to deliver a particularly high degree of comfort of wear. At the same time, the fact that the boot contains no metal makes it especially light. You will be able to cover great distances effortlessly and will still be feeling fit after many hours on duty.

A perfect professional boot that can be used all year round

Police officers and service personnel are in action through the entire year, both indoors and outside. They need professional footwear that can be used in all weathers. The Ranger GSG9-X by HAIX offers outstanding climate comfort. A three-ply GORE-TEX® membrane prevents water from penetrating into the boot whilst still permitting sweat to evaporate and be expelled. This keeps your feet dry at all times.

The patented HAIX Climate System also ensures that moisture is transported away by making use of the pumping motions generated as you walk along. A fast-drying insole quickly absorbs moisture, and pigments in the black leather used in the boot’s construction reflect the sunlight in order to avoid any unnecessary heating. This means that less warmth penetrates and that your feet do not start to sweat as quickly.

Highly durable professional boots

The boots you wear in your job are regularly exposed to wet, muddy and snowy conditions. Extremely durable materials are used in the manufacturing process to ensure a long product life. The leather of the Ranger GSG9-X is two millimetres thick and very hard wearing.

The front and back areas of the boot are subjected to particular stresses and strains. For this reason, extra protection is provided to the leather at these points by a rubber casing. This ensures that your boots will enjoy a long product life. The Vibram sole of the Ranger GSG9-X is manufactured in an extremely durable special rubber compound, which is able to withstand long distances across gravel, sand or tar surfaces without incurring any damage at all.

Upper material

  • The Ranger GSG9-X is made of high quality bull leather, which provides a superb fibre structure. The leather has been hydrophobised and thus rendered waterproof.
  • Rubber elements are added to the toe and heel sections to help prevent wear and tear.
  • Special pigments reflect the sun’s rays and stop the shoe from heating up unnecessarily
  • The Ranger GSG9-X also features a practical lacing system which will save you time. The laces are simply fastened with a plastic clip rather than by making a knot and a bow whilst the ends of the laces are tucked away into a special pocket.

Inner lining, footbed and inlays

  • A four-ply GORE-TEX® membrane prevents rain and other liquids from penetrating the boot. The Ranger GSG9-X also offers enhanced protection against chemicals yet still permits sweat to evaporate and be expelled. This keeps your feet dry at all times.
  • A highly abrasion-resistant inner lining delivers a high degree of comfort in hot and cold conditions alike.
  • A comfortable inlay cushions your steps as you go whilst also absorbing moisture immediately.
  • The boot’s padded shaft protects the ankle from injuries caused by side impacts or blows.
  • The footbed prevents any malposition and supports the correct movement.


  • The Vibram sole of the Ranger GSG9-X is manufactured in a special rubber compound to make it extremely robust and durable.
  • Its tread provides a firm foothold on any surface and is absolutely slip resistant.
  • The sole also gives outstanding insulation against the heat and cold.
  • Oil, petrol and other liquids are unable to penetrate.

The HAIX Ranger GSG9-X is waterproof and offers a secure grip on any terrain. At the same time, it is a boot which is extremely pleasant to wear. A PU foam layer and a light construction mean that you will be able to complete long marches without any difficulty at all.