INVISIO Intercom

Seamless Integration between the dismounted and mounted user.

  • Cable Auto-Sensing
  • 4 Com Ports
  • 5 User Ports
  • 1 Power Port
  • Submersible 2 Meter
  • Powers from Battery or Vehicle
  • 150 x 95 x 26 mm
  • 500 grams
  • Tan

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The INVISIO Intercom is designed to bridge the gap between the dismounted and mounted professional, by seamlessly integrating to the INVISIO system. Capable of connecting to 4 combat net radios, and 5 users for internal voice communication, the Intercom provides clear communication in the noisiest of environments. It is a small and light weight system that can be powered from a vehicle or common combat radio battery. The Intercom is a highly mobile system that can either be mounted in the vehicle or carried on the go between vehicles.