TT Modular Belt Set

17.990 kr.

Flat equipment belt with MOLLE system in laser-cut design. Consisting of an outer and an inner belt. With Cobra buckle.

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The belt consists of an outer and an inner belt. It is available in four sizes and is equipped with a Cobra buckle. The belt width is 43 mm, and there is a MOLLE slot and loop measuring 43 x 30 mm on the height.

We must point out that the belt we offer is a backup belt, which is in no case intended as a substitute for professional mountaineering equipment!

  • Four sizes
  • Lengths Size S: approx. 90 cm – max. 105 cm / M: approx. 100 cm – max. 115 cm / L: approx. 115 cm – max. 127 cm / XL: approx. 125 cm – max. 135 cm (measurement without COBRA® buckle)
  • Weights: Size S: 350 g, Size M: 380 g, Size L: 415 g, Size XL: 435 g
  • 45 mm COBRA® buckle
  • Hook-and-looped inner belt included
  • Laser-cut MOLLE system
  • Number of MOLLE segments: size S: 19 / size M: 22 / size L: 25 / size XL: 28