Meets the requirements of EN12492:2012 Standard for Mountaineering Helmets

Meets the requirements of EN1385:2012 Standard for Whitewater Helmets

Meets additional off-crown impact requirements of EN 14052:2012 European standard for high performance industrial helmets.

NOTE: EN 14052 requires a low-strength chinstrap, the EXFIL® SAR is not fully certified to EN14052 in order to meet more rigorous chinstrap requirements of EN12492 and reduce the risk of losing the helmet during a fall.

Meets Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) blunt impact requirements (per AR/PD 10-02 Rev A)

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The EXFIL® SAR is the first purpose built Search and Rescue helmet to provide tactical accessory mounting capabilities, including a standard NVG shroud, while meeting key industrial and mountaineering performance standards. The EXFIL® SAR Tactical is optimized for use with night vision devices, it features a machined aluminum Wilcox® NVG shroud. The helmet also includes a 4-point CAM FIT™ retention system with chin cup for optimal stability and a Boa® Fit System to dial in precise fit adjustment while providing single-handed quick release. It also comes standard with two vent covers to prevent objects and debris from entering the crown vents of the helmet.

EXFIL® SAR Tactical (With Rails) 0.72 kg

Size: Single Size
Head Circumference (cm) 53-63