HAIX Suede Care Velour Nubuk 75ml

2.490 kr.

Special shoe cream nurtures and impregnates velours/ nubuk leather shoes equipped with a GORE-TEX membrane. The leather remains breathable and water-repellent.

Data Sheet

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Intensifies and brightens the colours of the
leather by transporting pigments from the
deeper layers of leather to the surface. The
leather remains soft and supple.

Application area
Suitable for all nubuck-like suede leather.
Colour-neutral care product, i.e. can be used
for all leather colours. Especially suitable for
shoes with GORE-TEX®-Membrane.

How to use
Apply the care product only to dry and cleaned
leather surface. Shake bottle before use. Dab
the liquid over the entire shoe and spread it
evenly. Allow to dry well. Then roughen again
with a suede brush or a rough sponge.
ATTENTION: The valve should be activated
before each use so that enough care product
enters into the sponge.